1. 1. What is Dadadee all about?
  2. Dadadee connects buyers and suppliers. We tap on crowd-sourcing, crowd-buying and reverse auction so that buyers enjoy low prices due to economies of scale and suppliers get to sell in large volumes of their products and services.
  3. 2. How is Dadadee different from other deal portals?
  4. Dadadee lets you create your own deal and then share this deal with your friends and social networks so that interested parties can join in the deal and create a buying advantage for you. You can also invite potential suppliers to participate in your deal so that they get the opportunity to sell your desired items in volume.
  5. 3. How do buyers benefit from Dadadee?
  6. Buyers benefit from very low prices made possible by bulk-buying. We provide you an easy way to get like-minded individuals to partipate in your own customised bulk-purchases.
  7. 4. How do suppliers benefit from Dadadee?
  8. Suppliers get to sell to large groups of buyers and move their products and services in volume.
  9. 5. Are there any fees payable by buyers and suppliers?
  10. No, buyers and suppliers enjoy this service without any fees or charges.
  11. 6. How do buyers make payment for the deals that they have won?
  12. At this moment, we do not process payments from buyers and will only link buyers up with suppliers. Order fulfillment is currently done offline between buyers and suppliers.
  13. 7. Can buyers or suppliers pull out from a deal that has been successfully concluded?
  14. The winning buyers and suppliers will need to agree on deal withdrawal conditions. Buyers and suppliers who do not follow through for deals that they have won shall have negative reviews clocked against them and possibly even be banned if they do this repeatedly.
  15. 8. Do users need to register with Dadadee before joining a deal as buyers or putting in a bid as suppliers?
  16. Yes, users need to register and provide basic information such as name and e-mail address before they can participate in deals.
  17. 9. Why are there more details required when joining a deal as buyer or submitting a supplier bid for the first time?
  18. We do our best in making the deal processes as transparent and smooth-sailing as possible. This includes maximum transparency by requiring suppliers and buyers to furnish us verifiable details relevant to their roles.
  19. 10. Who can we contact for help if we encounter any difficulties on the web-site?
  20. Please send your questions and requests to help@dadadee.co.in and we will do our best to respond within the same working day.
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