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Full Grain Leather Satchel / Messenger bag

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 Important Notes:

  • Due to the dying process, the colour may varies
  • The satchel may contain scars, they do not detract from the integrity of the bag.
  • The first 2 photos shows the exact bag that you will be getting. 

Features :

  • Strap adjusts - 40 1/2" to 54 1/2"
  • Strap width - 1 1/2"
  • Leather shoulder pad included
  • Colour - "C2" Antique Saddle Brown Or Natural colour
  • Leather - Full grain, natural veg tanned, oil dyed. This is TOUGH leather. It will wear well and gain character with age. It will be "stiff" the day it arrives however, with time and wear, it will soften. 100% of stitching is


  • For 15 Inch: 15" x 10 ½” x 4 ¼”


All of our bags are crafted from vegetable tanned, hand-dyed, full-grain leather. Any scars, scratches, veins, wrinkles and other anomalies are natural characteristics and unique to each item. All of our bags are made by hand. As such, there may be slight imperfections or flaws that add to the character and uniqueness of the item. Most imperfections do not detract from the durability and quality of the item.


BRAND MARKS: A "Brand Mark" is a scar formed on the animal's hide. A brand is a tool used to mark the animal. Most modern brands are dipped in liquid nitrogen before they are placed on the animal's skin. The brand is used to identify the animal as belonging to a particular ranching operation. We cannot remove the mark, nor are we able to create a "custom" brand mark. Brand marks are excellent conversation items and a bit of a rarity. Most leather consumers cut or sand the mark out of the hide before using the leather.


SCARS: Scars can be evidence of insect bites, or other evidence of an interesting life. We feel these items add character. They do not detract from the integrity of the bag. (If you find yourself bored in a board meeting, you can let your mind ponder how that scar got there.




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